Taylor Staff and Faculty

applePrimary Contact

Taylor Street School
16/24 Taylor Street
Washington, NJ 07882
Mrs. Sherry  N. Koeppen – School Principal
Telephone: 908-689-0091

Staff and Faculty


Mrs. M. Brown | LDT/C
Email: brownm@washboroschools.org

Mrs. L. Buhl – Reading/ESL
Email: buhll@washboroschools.org

Mrs. C. Casella | CST Secretary

Mrs. L. Chamberlain | Music
Email: chamberlainl@washboroschools.org

Mrs. E. Chesniak | P.E.

Mr. R. Darois |Custodian

Mrs. J. Deemer | Aide

Miss B. Dolobach | Aide

Mrs. J. Gaw | Aide

Mrs. L. Hackett | Secretary
Email: hackettl@washboroschools.org

Mrs. J. Hollander
Email: hollanderj@washboroschools.org

Mrs. K. Jones | Art

Mrs. H. Jorgensen | Aide

Mrs. A. Knight-Kerns – Aide

Ms. S. Koeppen | Principal
Email: koeppens@washboroschools.org

Ms. K. McDonald | Aide

Ms. T. Mornick | Custodian
Email: mornickt@washboroschools.org

Mrs. A. Nissen | Aide

Ms. K. Navarro | Aide

Mrs. J. Ostir| Aide
Email: ostirj@washboroschools.org

Mrs. C. Padilla | World Language

Ms. H. Ricci | Aide
Email: riccih@washboroschools.org

Mrs. J. Salvatore | Aide

Mrs. C. Scerbo | Aide

Mrs. D. Sherman | Aide

Mrs. S. Sensinger | Library

Mrs. E. Smith | Secretary
Email: smithe@washboroschools.org

Mrs. R. Snyder |Computer Technology | Website
Email: snyderr@washboroschools.org

Ms. K. Stocker | Nurse

Mrs. K. Torressen-Diaz – Speech
Email: torressen-diaz@washboroschools.org

Mrs. M. Wade | Counselor
Email: wadem@washboroschools.org

Ms. K. Zack | Aide


KA – Mrs. K. Cardenas
Email: cardenask@washboroschools.org

KB – Mr. D. Lance
Email: lanced@washboroschools.org

KC – Mrs. S. Chioffe | Website
Email: chioffes@washboroschools.org

KD – Ms. S. Richards
Email: richardss@washboroschools.org


Preschool 1- Mrs. K. Schulok | Website
Email: schulokk@washboroschools.org

Preschool 2- Ms. D. Cleveland | Website
Email: clevelandd@washboroschools.org

Preschool 3 – Miss L. Borrmann
Email: borrmannl@washboroschools.org

Preschool 4 – Ms. J. Cohen
Email: cohenj@washboroschools.org

Preschool 5 – Ms. M. Maney
Email: maneym@washboroschools.org

Preschool 6 – Mrs. A. Kaspereen
Email: kaspereena@washboroschools.org

First Grade

1A – Mrs. A. Chatel  | Email: chatela@washboroschools.org

1B – Mrs. T. Betancourt| Email: betancourtt@washboroschools.org

1C – Mr. E. Loudin | Email: loudine@washboroschools.org

1D – Ms. L. Rogler | Website | Email: roglerl@washboroschools.org

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