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21st Century Life & Careers

Financial Literacy | Income and Careers K-4 | August 2019

Financial Literacy | Income and Careers K-4 | September 2019

Financial Literacy | Money Management 5-6 | August 2019

Financial Literacy | Money Management 5-6 | September 2019

K-8 Pacing Guide


ELA Scope and Sequence

Informational Reading Scope and Sequence

Language Arts Scope and Sequence Common Core

Language Scope and Sequence

Language Arts Grade 6

Reading Literature Scope and Sequence

Speaking and Listening Scope and Sequence

Writing Scope and Sequence

WH Writing Rubric 2016-2017

Reading Literature Kindergarten

Reading Literature Grade 1

Reading Literature Grade 2

Reading Literature Grade 3

Reading Literature Grade 4

Reading Literature Grade 5

Reading Literature Grade 6

Reading Literature Grade 7

Reading Literature Grade 8

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education Pacing Guide

Health and PE Curriculum

Health and Physical Education

Physical Education Accommodations


Math Scope and Sequence

Math Curriculum

Pohatcong Math Curriculum


Pohatcong Science Curriculum 2019 Revisions

Pohatcong Science K-5

Pohatcong 6,7,8, MS Science

Social Studies

Social Studies Standards

Pohatcong Social Studies Pacing Guide K-8

Pohatcong Curriculum Social Studies P-4th

Pohatcong Curriculum Social Studies 5-8 Grade


Technology Curriculum

Technology Pacing Guide

Technology Pre-School – 8th

Visual Arts

Aesthetic Response Pacing Guide

Empty Pacing Guide

Critique Methodologies Pacing Guide

Dance Pacing Guide

History of Arts and Culture Pacing Guide


Music Pacing Guide

Theatre Pacing Guide

Visual and Performing Arts K-2nd

Visual and Performing Arts 3-5th

Visual and Performing Arts 6-8th

Visual Performing Arts Pacing Guide

World Language

World Language Curriculum

World Language Pacing Guide



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